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What do you think of the New 52 version of Harley Quinn? 

Personally, now it doesn’t even look like Harley…. but hey, some people may prefer her new look over her old!

Anyway, we did get a Commission Request for it, and of course we delivered! Wanna have a cool costume for Halloween coming up? :p

costume: http://www.cosplayhouse.com/DC-Comic-Harley-Quinn-Blue-and-Red-Cosplay-Costume-Version-01.html

dragons527 asked
Yes I was wondering if I you have any Ken Ichijouji costumes if so can I see photos of the costume

Hello, this is the only Ken costume that we have a photo of, it was a recently completed Commission Request costume! You can find it here

monsterechelonkilljoy asked
Hi, Do you have a Soma (from Kuroshitsuji) Costume?

Hi there, we do have a Prince Soma costume to purchase here!

Anonymous asked
If I receive my product in a bad quality (like messy hair or ripped part of clothing), are there ways that you can fix it and had you fix other cosplay costumes before SUCESSFULLY? (Please be honest and I need proof)

Hi there, 

If the design is incorrect, we make sure to let our tailor teams know and remake the costume, depending on the design upon review. Also, if the costume does not fit a customer, and it is the fault of our tailor teams, we remake the costume for you for free. If there is a problem with a wig you receive, we will remake it for you for free upon reviewing the problem.

All problems with products of ours, we need picture proof of the problems. Just send them to “customerservice@cosplayhouse.com”, and we will either remake, or give a partial refund/discount on the product if the problem was on our side.

If you wanted to know more about our policies, you can take a look at the bottom left of our website, under the Help Desk.

our Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Oktavia Von Seckendorff Cosplay Costume! This one was a difficult one, but I think we pulled it off fairly well, given that we did not have many reference photos to work off of (: What do you think?

You can find the costume here!

Haha, what a cute way of cancelling an order.

Thanks, Chris :p

Meet our Cosplay House sponsor, Eikkibunny! She is here featured in one of our test costumes, we don’t have it up on our website just yet…. but please keep a look out for it in the future (: It is Asuka Langley’s plugsuit costume from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Eikkibunny makes a great Asuka!

Sponsor Info:

Sponsor: Eikkibunny
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/eikkibunny
Website: http://srcircusdoll.blogspot.com
Tumblr:  www.tumblr.com/eikkibunny
Instagram: www.instagram.com/eikkibunny