17 4 / 2014

As most of you guys already know Frozen was loved by people all over the world. We just received our Elsa Cosplay Costume and WOW! does it look amazing. Cosplayhouse.com is an open door for all your Frozen needs and don’t worry the door will stay open because the cold doesn’t bother us anyways!

You can check out the costume in the link below:


Also check out our website http://www.cosplayhouse.com/ for all your cosplay needs!

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10 4 / 2014

You Naruto fans are probably anxious to see what new powers Naruto and Sasuke have received from Hagoromo the Great Hermit. Also with how well they will fight together to defeat Madara! While you guys are all hyped up and anxious to see what Naruto and Sasuke have in their future check out our website Cosplayhouse.com and buy some Naruto Gear! We have everything from costumes, wigs, shoes, accessories, and props.

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Photo Credits: IITheYahikoDarkII

You can find more great Naruto pictures on his deviantart.


17 3 / 2014

Happy St. Patty’s day :p
I didn’t bother putting on the full costume, it was meant for a male small anyhow! Like what you see? Visit our website here!

Happy St. Patty’s day :p

I didn’t bother putting on the full costume, it was meant for a male small anyhow! Like what you see? Visit our website here!


21 2 / 2014

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20 2 / 2014


We at Cosplay House do not make any costumes with real metal… but we can come close! Check out our Dragon Age - Grey Warden costume! The armor is made out of styrofoam-based material, but it looks pretty authentic~

How did our prop teams do? (:

You can check out the costume here!

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Our website: http://www.cosplayhouse.com

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Can you believe this armour is made mostly of foam material?  You’d think it was real metal!  But it looks just as good, is convention safe, and super light for those all-day conventions and photoshoots! 

Cosplay House also accepts commission requests, so if we don’t offer a costume or prop you’re looking for, you can always send in a request!

20 2 / 2014

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19 2 / 2014

Be sure to check out our selection of Ace Attorney Cosplay as well if you too are getting the finger pointing attorney itch!


19 2 / 2014

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18 2 / 2014

Ace cosplayer Rick Boer ALWAYS delivers when it comes to Metal Gear cosplay. And with the coming release the new Metal Gear, Rick has made no exception.


If you’re as inspired as we are from this cosplay master, gear up for your next cosplay event and show off how good you’ll look as Solid Snake!


18 2 / 2014

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